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Dr. Barbara Eidel

Dr. Barbara Eidel is a 1985 graduate of the Purdue University school of Veterinary Medicine. She has been in small animal practice in the Reisterstown area since 1987. Dr. Eidel has special interests in internal medicine, especially endocrinology, oncology, as well as puppy and kitten health and behavior. The key to optimal pet health, in her opinion, is through owner education and close communication about medical problems. Dr. Eidel is dedicated to providing compassionate, high-quality care to all animals along with the “team” at Mountainside Veterinary Hospital. She believes you can never have too many cats, or enough training for your dogs! She lives in Westminster with her husband, two daughters, 8 cats, 2 Border Collies, 3 horses, and 8 chickens. When not at work, she enjoys riding horses, gardening, artwork, and spending time with her family.