dog boarding


All pets must be current on vaccinations to board.

*Please note:  Mountainside Veterinary Hospital offers boarding services for our active clients. There is a change in our vaccination policy effective May 15, 2023.  All dogs and cats that are scheduled for boarding after May 15, 2023, will need to have required vaccinations updated BEFORE being admitted to the hospital for boarding.  We feel this will provide our pet owners with better care and service as all concerns can be addressed directly with a doctor.  It also ensures that our boarding patients are as fully protected against communicable diseases as possible prior to entering the hospital.

Please make sure that you schedule all upcoming required vaccination boosters BEFORE your boarding reservation; ideally 1-2 weeks beforehand.

The following vaccinations are required to board at Mountainside Veterinary Hospital:

  • Dogs – DAPP (Distemper, Adenovirus, parvovirus, parainfluenza); Rabies; Bordetella (kennel cough); and Canine influenza (bivalent)
  • Cats – FVRCP (feline viral rhinotracheitis, calicivirus, panleukopenia) and Rabies
  • All pets need to be on a leash or in a carrier for their safety as well as the safety of other pets in the hospital. The leash and/or carrier will be labeled and returned to you upon pickup of your pet.
  • We provide towels and blankets for all our boarding visitors.  We cannot be responsible for your items being returned to you. We will not accept any personal belongings.
  • For safety reasons we do not allow any toys or bones in the run or condo with your pet.
  • If your pet requires his/her own food, we ask that you bring it in prepackaged baggies for each day of boarding.
  • If your pet(s) require(s) medication, including insulin, please bring in the original prescription bottle as well as syringes if on insulin.  **please go over all information regarding your pet’s medication (including when the medication was last given) with the receptionist**
  • If Mountainside Veterinary Hospital must provide medication (including syringes), refill a medication (including syringes) during the length of your pets stay it will be at the owner’s expense.
  • If your pet is to be bathed before going home, please call before pick-up to make sure your pet is dry & ready to go. This is for dogs only; we do not bathe cats.
  • Mountainside Veterinary Hospital is not a 24-hour supervised facility. Any pet that we feel may need 24-hour care may be required to transfer to an Emergency Hospital at the owner’s expense. Mountainside Veterinary Hospital will use all reasonable precautions to ensure the safety of your pet but will not be held liable for any unexpected circumstance that may result in injury or escape.
  • If your pet becomes ill while boarding, we will try and contact you as soon as possible via your emergency numbers.  Regardless, unless we are informed otherwise, we will examine and initiate necessary treatment at the owner’s expense. 

We have climate-controlled indoor runs and condos perfect for cat and dog boarding. For existing patients only.

Pet Boarding Services Near You

Pet owners in the Reisterstown, Maryland, area trust Mountainside Veterinary Hospital for pet boarding services. For more information about our pet boarding or to book a stay for your pet, call us at (410) 833‑8085