Dr. Ann Vander Veen

Dr. Ann Vander Veen is originally from the Midwest and graduated from Purdue University in 1984. After working for 3 years in Chicago, she got tired of city living and decided to try the east coast horses.  She joined Pulaski Veterinary Clinic in 1987, fell in love with the Baltimore area and never left! She is a successful veterinary business owner and is a great addition to the Mountainside family.

Dr. Vander Veen lives with her husband and a rescued black lab named Grissom. She is an avid equestrian.

Areas of interest: Has always been animals, especially anything horse related…also flower gardening, music, football, photography.

Areas of Interests in Vet Medicine: Internal medicine cases, pediatrics, behavior and soft tissue surgery.

Strong skills: Good listener, compassionate, and observant of human and animal behavior.

When did you want to become a Veterinarian? 

”I always wanted to be a vet as far back as I can remember!”