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Good Health Begins With Wellness Visits

You want your pet to be healthy and active, and so do we! The best place to start is with regular wellness visits. Your pet’s healthcare needs will change over the course of their life, and regular checkups will enable your Mountainside doctor to make recommendations specific to your pet’s age, lifestyle, and risk factors.

Puppy on a walk

Our checkups always include the following when appropriate:

  • Thorough health history
  • Complete physical examination, including eyes, ears, teeth, and skin
  • Heart check
  • Parasite/heartworm testing
  • Vaccines and parasite prevention
  • Blood, urine, or other laboratory samples
  • Address any questions you might have and discuss any changes in normal habits, such as sleep, mobility, appetite, or behavior

Puppy and Kitten Care

It’s important to schedule an examination for your new pet so we can check for parasites and administer appropriate vaccines. We recommend monthly visits until your puppy or kitten has completed the initial vaccine schedule — typically in five to six months. Frequent appointments early on also enable us to evaluate your pet’s growth and development, behavioral changes, and nutritional needs.


The adult years are also called the preventive years. During this time, annual visits coupled with appropriate diagnostics are essential to help us catch diseases and chronic conditions early on when they’re easier to treat and before your pet becomes extremely ill or uncomfortable.

The Golden Years

We recommend twice yearly exams for aging pets — starting around age eight — with annual comprehensive bloodwork, urinalysis, and (depending on your pet’s age and breed) thorax and abdominal imaging. Older pets are more susceptible to chronic conditions that require careful, ongoing management. We also offer cold laser therapy, which can provide pain relief and improved range of motion for pets with arthritis and other joint disorders.

Healthy Behavior

If you have questions or concerns regarding your dog’s behavior, we encourage you to call us to schedule a consultation with Wendy Zabicki who’s our certified canine behaviorist and trainer. Wendy can help you and your dog tackle issues related to nutrition, socialization, potty habits, and other behavioral concerns.

Call us today to schedule your pet’s checkup! If your pet has already been seen by a Mountainside doctor, we’ll email you when it’s time for your pet’s next exam.