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Advanced CO2 Laser Surgery

We’re pleased to offer your pet the benefits of advanced CO2 laser surgery as an alternative to traditional surgical procedures. CO2 laser surgery is exactly what it sounds like – we use a concentrated CO2 laser beam, rather than a steel scalpel, to make any cuts through tissue. At Mountainside Veterinary Hospital, we use our CO2 laser whenever appropriate.

A pet undergoing laser surgery

Benefits of Laser Surgery

Laser surgery offers three primary advantages over traditional surgery: there’s less bleeding, reduced risk of infection, and faster recovery. These benefits stem from the laser’s ability to seal off blood vessels and nerves and sterilize the tissue as it’s cutting.

Other advantages of laser surgery include:

  • Decreased post-op pain
  • Greater precision for surgeons
  • Minimal damage to unaffected areas
  • Less post-op swelling
  • Less anesthesia may be required
  • Minimal scarring

Applications for Laser Surgery

We can perform almost any soft tissue surgery using the CO2 laser, including routine surgeries like spays and neuters. The CO2 laser also has many dermatological applications and is ideal for removing skin tumors or other lumps and bumps on your pet’s skin. Laser surgery can also be used to obliterate certain cancer cells and is particularly advantageous for parts of the body where heavy bleeding is a concern, such as the face and mouth.

Traditional Procedures

At Mountainside Veterinary Hospital, we also perform a wide range of traditional surgical procedures — both soft tissue and some orthopedics — when laser surgery isn’t an option. Your doctor can recommend the best course of action for your pet’s condition and will answer any questions you might have.

Please call us if you have any questions about our surgical capabilities.